• Data Enrichment for AI Model Training

    Fast, Scalable, and done exactly the way you would have done it

  • Training Data for AI applications such as Self Driving Cars

    Generate training data at scale for Autonomous vehicles and other Computer Vision/AI projects

  • Scale Human Operations

    Efficient, Cost-Effective, and scalable AI + workforce combo for your human intensive operations such as transcription, categorisation, research, data collection and more

Why ScaleOps ?

  • A+ Workforce

    Our workforce has 5+ years of experience with enriching data for AI Training applications including OCR, and Financial Documents for US based Clients

  • Scalable & Reliable

    Growing 1000+ person strong workforce; All full-time employees, We don't use crowdsourced or contract employees

  • Fully Managed

    Our 1000 person workforce is comprised of full time employess, along with 3 hierarchichal layers of middle management.

  • Quality and Reliability

    Skilled, Scalable, Fully Managed Workforce, deliver your projects with Guaranteed Quality, Reliability, Acuracy

  • Security

    Enterprise grade security with access cards, video surveilance, no mobile phones or notebooks allowed, means that privacy of your data is guaranteed

  • Cost Efficient

    At scale we are able to amortize infrastructure and management costs over many workers, giving you the lowest prices for your project

What People Say About Us

  • Victoria Meakin

    « "We have been working with Scale Ops for 2 years now and could not be happier with their professionalism and the quality and efficiency of their operations delivery. »

    – Victoria Meakin, President, Ocrolus, New York

  • Sam Bobley

    « "Manual review processes simply can't compete with the speed, accuracy, and cost-effectiveness that ScaleOps delivers. »

    – Sam Bobley, CEO, Ocrolus, New York

  • Vik Dua

    « Unlike DIY crowdsourcing solutions, ScaleOps offer a fully managed solution delivers on metrics. »

    – Vik Dua, COO, PerfectAudit, New York

About Us

On-Demand API for scale operations

What we do?

We aggregate, train, and manage human workers at scale to deliver cost-efficient, scalable, and on-demand operations capability to our clients. Our deliverable products can be tailored to client requirements. We are currently operational in eCommerce Catalog operations, AI Training for Self Driving Cars, Computer Vision, Optical Charector Recognition (OCR), Financial Statement Transcription, and Outbound Voice calling.

We leverage cutting edge Artificial Intelligence to automate as much of your workflow as possible - without compromising committed quality and acuracy metrics. The balance work is completed by humans who are part of our crowdsourced teams.

This Human Assisted AI delivers the best combination of speed, acuracy, cost and scale to your application.

We are a fully managed, enterprise grade platform. Your account manager will work closely to understand your process and segregate elements that can be automated with AI, elements that need human verification and pure human intelligence tasks. Our Trainers will train crowdsourced workers to deliver your tasks. These elements are then put together into an efficient process flow that can be deployed at scale.

Unlike other solutions that require customers to understand arcane concepts to architect work flows, with ScaleOPS, you sit back and relax while while we deliver a fully managed service.

We sign contracts with Quality of Service(QOS) metrics including time, acuracy, and scale. We stick to our QOS benchmarks or you get your money back.

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